Warhammer MMA

The Double Elite 1 MMA Champion!

About Warhammer MMA

Although Adam fights throughout North America, he is currently the Elite 1 MMA Productions Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Pro Champion. His professional MMA fight record stands at 5-1-0 and his amateur MMA fight record is 5-0-0.

Adam “The Warhammer” Hunter Background

Long before Warhammer MMA was established, Adam Hunter was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. He studied various forms of traditional martial arts when he was younger and into his early teens. When he was 15 years old he started studying boxing and wrestling. He really liked the physical intensity and disciplinary aspects of these sports. Later on he began training in jiu jitsu and most recently in Mauy Thai.

Adam MilitaryAdam joined the Canadian Army reserves when he was 16 as an artillery soldier. Then when he was 18 he joined the regular force as a combat engineer with just under 15 years combined service. During his service he was deployed to Haiti, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Shortly after his last deployment is when he really started to get into mixed martial arts. he started training Jiu Jitsu and MMA with professor Dana Dickenson.

MMA is more than just a combat sport

When it came to MMA training I found it was a good way to release pent up negative energy. Upon realizing this MMA training and competing soon became my therapy. During the beginning of my MMA career I was still very active in the military and therefore wasn’t able to be as active as i would have liked. Mixed martial arts has helped me get through a lot of obstacles that have came up in my life. I have always maintained some form of martial art or other forms of art. Although competing in the cage is very exciting, there is also an great appreciation I have for the art of martial arts.

Warhammer MMA Training Approach and Friends

When it comes to my training I travel back and forth between the Canadian cities of Fredericton, Ottawa and Cambridge. While in Fredericton I train Jiu Jitsu at Synergy Training Centre, Boxing at the Fredericton and Oromocto Boxing clubs, wrestle off and on with the Black Bears at UNB depending on schedules and then also get together with close friends Mike Fitz, Brandon Brewer, Matt DesRoches to put it all together at either one of the boxing clubs or at Naturally Fit Fredericton with Spencer Court. My time in Ottawa is spend at OAMA  Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts. OAMA is where I started learning Muay Thai under the Iron Shin of Kru Jeff Harrison (my main coach and mentor). While there my Jiu Jitsu game is broadened and tightened by the one and only Nick Castiglia as well as all the training partners there that exchange bruises and blood for experience and knowledge. MAS Academy in Cambridge is another place I really enjoy training at under the priceless guidance of Kru Chris Kew and the dominant animals he trains out of there.

Quick Fact

My favourite pro MMA fighters are Fedor Emilianenko, Mike Tyson, Bas Ruttan, Melvin Manhoef, and Don Frye.

MMA Influences for Warhammer MMA